Camp Rules

The following information is provided to inform people of the basic policies applicable to long and short term camping at the Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation, run by the Western Massachusetts Council. These rules should not be considered obstacles; rather, they are intended to ensure a safe, clean, orderly, educational and fun use of this very valuable resource.


Payment: 50% payment is required at the time of booking the reservation.  The full balance for the reservation is due prior to arrival at camp.


Camp Ranger/Campmaster: These men and women are representatives of the Western Massachusetts Council and are charged with the responsibility of supervising our properties. All units must check in and out of camp. This includes units that are tenting.  Tenting areas will be assigned by the Ranger/Campmaster. 


Cabin/Tent Sites: The facility your unit rents is your home while at camp. You can expect to find it clean upon arrival. Please leave it better condition than you found it. Units should conserve electricity and central heat in those facilities that provide such utilities.


Latrines: Are designed for human waste only. The latrine nearest your site will be the unit’s responsibility to keep clean. 


Trash: Remember a Scout is Clean! Units are asked to place trash in the dumpsters typically located at the Dining Hall and at the camp maintenence area.


Fires: Open fires are generally permitted in camp. Occasionally, due to weather conditions or camping location, open fires may be prohibited. No new fire rings should be constructed anywhere without the Ranger’s permission. Open fires should be maintained following procedures outlined in the Scouts BSA Handbook. Remember, no open flames in tents or other structures is allowed.


Flammable Liquids: Stoves, lanterns, heaters or any appliance using liquid fuel are to be used under adult supervision. Remember no open flames in any tent or other structure is allowed. Bulk storage of liquid fuels will be in accordance with accepted safety standards as outlined by BSA policy.


Pets: No pets of any kind are permitted in camp. Pets owned by the camp’s resident Ranger and the Ranger’s family are exempted.


Firearms/Bows & Arrows/Chainsaws: Guns are not permitted in camp unless they are being incorporated into an established range activity being operated under BSA standards. Prior arrangments must be made with the resident Ranger before entering the camp with firearms and/or bows and arrows. All firearms, bows and arrows must be surrendered to the Ranger upon entering camp. The Ranger will store all firearms, bows and arrows, and ammunition. During the hunting season, non-BSA personnel are allowed to access our camp for the purposes of hunting. Use of firearms and/or bows and arrows by those individuals will be allowed as long as the resident Ranger is aware of their presence. Hunters must also abide by all existing state or local laws pertaining to firearm use. Chainsaws are allowed to be operated by persons that have the approved BSA chainsaw training course.


Vehicles: Speed limit is 15MPH. Private vehicles are confined to areas designated by the Ranger. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. The Ranger must authorize use of camp vehicles. Persons operating or riding as passengers in a private or camp vehicle must be in a designated seat with a seat belt designed for that purpose. Absolutely NO riding in the back of any open or closed vehicle without proper seating is allowed.


Live Trees/Ground Cover: Live trees are not to be cut or damaged unless explicit instructions to do so are given by the Ranger. Ground cover should generally be left in place. Ground cover removed for fire safety should be replaced. No fire holes, ditches or grease pits should be dug.


Alcoholic Beverages/Non-prescribed Drugs: Intoxicating beverages and illicit drugs are not allowed in camp.  The Ranger and Campmaster have been instructed to enforce this policy and will ask the person(s) in violation to remove themselves from camp permanently.


Adult Supervision/Curfew: The Standard BSA policy of “two deep leadership” will always be in effect. Under no circumstances should Scouts be left unsupervised. The hours between 10:00pm and 7:00am should be relatively quiet time so as to respect the rights of others in camp. Youth campers should not be outside the immediate vicinity of their campsite during these hours unless under adult supervision.


Waterfront/Lake/High Adventure: The Camp Ranger must approve usage for activities. Additionally, qualified (BSA certified) supervision is required. Permissions and certification alluded to do not apply to fishing activity from shore, away from summer waterfronts. Walking on lake ice in winter must be approved by the Ranger. 


Vandalism: When vandalism occurs, compensation is required. The Ranger/Campmaster will assess cost of repair/replacement and collect on the spot or refer the matter to the Camp Maintenance Committee.


Firewood: Firewood is available in camp. Please DO NOT BRING firewood into camp. Refer to the camp wood policy available on our website or from the camp Ranger.   


Camp Rules: The rules are intended for use by both Boy Scout and non-scout groups alike. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact the Ranger or the Camp Maintenance Committee.


Resources: Maps, driving directions, camping policies, and information are available at Comprehensive health and safety resources are available at Please refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting. 

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