Unit Popcorn Sales


Below are links to support Scout Registration in the CAMP MASTERS Ordering System including specific instructions and a couple helpful videos. Hope this information is helpful.

  1. Scout Registration with Campmasters Instructions document
  1. Scout Registration with own email address - Video
  1. Scout Registration with Parent or Guardian email address – Video



June  3, 2024: Popcorn Sale Opens

July 11, 2024: Show & Sell Orders are Due

August 3, 2024: Show & Sell Distribution

August 15, 2024: Unit Commitment and Goal due here.

September 12, 2024: Refill Popcorn Orders & Chocolate Product Orders are due

September 23, 2024: Kickoff Photo due here.

September 27, 2024: Fill a Form Entries due here.

October 4, 2024: Refill & Chocolate Order Distribution

October 31, 2024: Partial Payment Due (50% of total invoice due, 10% penalty if not paid)

November 16, 2024: All returns are due

November 16, 2024: Show & Sell Dates/Images/and Locations are due here.

November 18, 2024: Take Orders are due

November 18, 2024: Commissions will be finalized based on form submissions

November 28, 2024: Last day to submit prize orders

December 6, 2024: Popcorn sorting & early pick up

December 6, 2024: Popcorn Distribution & payments due

December 12, 2024: Late fee is applied to unpaid invoices

File Name Description
2024 Commission Structure Download
How To Accept Credit Cards as Payment Download
How to Credit Scout Show & Sell Sales Download
How to Import Your Unit Roster Download
How to Place an Order Download
Popcorn Machine Reservation Download
Scouts Registered With Campmasters Instructions Download