Advancement & Recognition

The Advancement Committee is responsible for implementing and facilitating advancement and processing most special awards and recognitions. This is done according to national procedures and local practices under the direction of the council executive board. Advancement committees operate under the Boy Scouts of America program function. They should cooperate with the other program function elements— outdoor programs, activities and civic service, and training—and also with the membership, finance, and unit-service functions.

One of the duties of the Advancement Committee is to promote the Religious Emblems Programs. More information can be found on the Council's Duty to God page.


Merit Badge Counselors

Scoutmasters, a comprehensive copy approved Merit Badge Counselors with current youth protection training is updated nightly in Scoutbook.

Go to the bottom of your Scoutbook Troop page, click on MB COUNSELOR LIST, and enter your search parameters.

File Name Description
Marine Corps League Eagle Scout Good Citizenship Award Request Application Download