Moses Scout Reservation Summer Camps

When is Camp?

Five weeks of fun, adventure, and advancement available:

*** Week 1: June 30 - July 6
*** Week 2: July 7 - July 13
*** Week 3: July 14 - July 20
*** Week 4: July 21 - July 27
*** Week 5 Eagle Week: July 28 - August 3 (Scouts Second Class rank and above only)

  • Scouts BSA youth Second Class and above are invited to participate in our Eagle Week specialty program.

    Provisional units will be formed with members of our staff for the week with all of our regular summer Eagle Scout required badges as well as many of the required badges not regularly offered at our summer camp (all except Cycling and Hiking will be offered in 2024). Units are welcome to attend under their own adult leadership as well.

    In addition, participate in special seminars on topics such as Time Management, Project Planning, The Eagle Scout Board of Review, Q&A with Current Eagle Scouts, Best Practices and Common Pitfalls for the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and the Eagle Scout Application, and Eagle Scout Ceremony Ideas and Resources.

    One or two program areas will offer open programming each day for Scouts without a merit badge. This could be a good time to complete a partial to ask if staff are able to assist in starting a non-Eagle required merit badge.

    All overnight participants MUST submit BSA Annual Health and Medical Record parts A, B & C with immunization records. Youth must also submit our Moses Specific Part D form. Links to both are available online at

  • Eagle Week Pricing:
    • $550 Scout
      • $150 Scout multiweek discount (can be selected when choosing classes to have the discount applied)
      • $25 Sibling discount (can be selected when choosing classes to have the discount applied)
    • $150 Registered Scouts BSA leaders welcome too, but not required
      • Partial Week discounts available as a registration option

Scouts can be registered for the week on either (1) their Troop Tentaroo Account or (2) a new or existing Individual/Family Tentaroo Account. Register online at the bottom of this webpage: Week Schedule


National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) - look for dates in 2025.

Summer Camp Kickoff Webinar

  • Sunday, February 25, 2024 7:00 pm (a recording will be posted at this link when ready)

Pre-Camp Leaders Meeting (Optional in-person & online meeting for Unit Leaders/Provisional Families)

  • Tuesday, June 11, 2024 7:00 pm (a recording will be posted at this link when ready)

Can My Unit Get a Presentation about Camp?

New to Summer Camp at Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation or have questions on what to expect? See if a Summer Camp presentation would be good for your unit or council. Click Here for more information or to request a free Summer Camp Presentation at your location or virtually, based on presenter availability!

Who Can Attend?

Come with your pack, troop, crew, or ship! You can also come by yourself for the day program or be a part of a overnight provisional program supported by our adult leadership or a host unit. Due to changes within the BSA we will not be offering our Family Camping option, as in the past three years.

  • Cub Scout Program Considerations
    • BSA does not allow Lions (entering Kindergarten this fall) to attend summer day or residential programs.
    • BSA requires Tigers (entering 1st grade in the fall) to have an adult partner for day and resident camp.
    • NEW for 2024: We require all Cub Scouts who attend resident camp provisionally (not attending with their Pack) to attend with an adult partner (maximum of two Scouts per adult).
    • NEW for 2024: We recommend, but do not require, that day program only Cub Scouts attend with an adult partner, especially Bear and Wolf Scouts (entering 2nd and 3rd grade).
    • NEW for 2024: For units attending resident camp, we require the following Adult to Cub Scout ratios. Units are responsible for meeting this expectation.
      • Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts 1:10
      • Wolf & Bear Scouts 1:8
      • Tiger Scouts 1:2
      • Unit adult leaders are responsible for monitoring their unit’s youth behavior and intervening when necessary.
    • NEW for 2024: Cub Scout Parents and Legal Guardians may attend resident camp (must complete Youth Protection Training) and count towards the Adult to Cub Scout ratios, however they cannot supervise Scouts (other than their own) without a BSA registered leader present as well.
  • Scouts BSA and Venturing Program Considerations
    • NEW for 2024: All adults staying overnight must be BSA registered leaders in the capacity they are serving at camp.

How Long Does Camp Run?

There are three options for when anyone, regardless of program, can attend each week:

Full Week Resident Camp

    Runs from Sunday, 11:00 am to Saturday, 10:00 am.

Short Week Resident Camp

     Has two sessions each week:

          A: Sunday, 11:00 am to Wednesday, 5:00 pm.

          B: Wednesday, 8:30 am to Saturday, 10:00 am.

Day Program Only

      Runs Monday - Friday each week from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

What Will I Be Able To Do?

We are preparing a very flexible program centered on fun activities that will let:

      Cub Scouts work on requirements for their Adventures,

      Newer Scouts BSA Scouts can work on requirements for Scout through First Class ranks,

      Scouts BSA Scouts work on requirements for merit badges,

      Venturers/Sea Scouts work on skills to support their interests, and

      Everyone has fun!!!!

Whether you are coming for a full week, a short week or the day only program, click the links below to visit the following webpages to find out the details of each program:

      Scouts BSA Summer Camp Program

      Cub Scout Summer Camp Program

How Much Will It Cost?

The Early Bird Fee ($100 deposit per Scout paid by April 1) for each camp is as follows:

      Full Week Resident Camp - $550 in 2024

      Short Week Resident Camp - $330 in 2024

      Day Only Program - $275 in 2024

A $100 non-refundable "campsite" deposit is initially due to reserve a place at camp with one youth spot.

A $100 non-refundable deposit per additional youth spot is also due at the time of initial registration.

Payment in full is due by May 15 in order to maintian discounted fees, add a camper's name to the roster, and register for classes. Our annual Program Guide with merit badge schedule has a goal to be published by May 1st and will be avialable May 15th at the latest.

A summary of the prices appear in the Summer Camp Fee Schedule document (below) with a full description of the fees on the Moses Summer Camp Fees page.

Can I Receive Financial Assistance?

Scouts are encouraged to "earn their own way", and the Western Massachusetts Council is prepared to help.  

Special assistance is also available for qualifying families. Just complete the Campership Financial Assistance Form (available below) and submit it to the Scout Service Center. Campership Applications are request by April 1, for first distribution consideration, though applications will continue to be accepted after this date subject to available campership funds remaining.

Can I Join The Staff or be a Counselor In Training (CIT)?

Summer camp staff and CIT opportunity information can be found here.

How Do I Register?

To register for camp, click the appropriate button(s) for the week(s) that you would like to attend. Please note the following suggestions. If in doubt, please contact the Council Service Center at 413-594-9196 ext 7032.

  1. Provisionals, those attending without 2+ Unit Leaders and 2+ Scouts (including Counselor-in-Training and Pocumtuc Summer Experience Scouts), will need to either (1) ask their unit leader if they would register and pay for the Scout and/or adult using their “unit account” in Tentaroo [preferred] or (2) create an “individual account” to register and submit payments. ?????
  2. Units need to use the established account in Tentaroo to register and submit all payments as a unit. Individual payments by members of your unit will not be accepted. Units may also register their provisional, day program, and CIT campers using their Unit Account [preferred, as this gives you access to their registration information and merit badge completions]. Do not create your own account!
  3. There are many categories to choose from when indicating how many youth/adults will be attending. Please carefully select the appropriate categories for the camp you wish to attend. A complete listing of the categories and when to use them appears in the Summer Camp Registration document (available below).

Annual Health and Medical Records

The required BSA medical forms are available online at Parts A & B, as well as a copy of both sides of one's health insurance card, are required from all camp attendees and staff - youth and adult.

Part C is required for anyone who will be at resident (overnight) camp for any period of time and requires a pre-participation physical completed within 12 months of participation dates.

All youth must submit a special Massachusetts specific Moses Part D Form as well.

These medical forms must be submitted to the camp health officer no later than one week prior to arrival to be reviewed for completion; to ensure camp health, food service, and program staff are prepared to support individual needs; and to allow for a timely check in for units and individuals. 

Need help with the registration process? Visit for directions.

Additional Resources

ATV: All participants in an ATV RiderCourse are required to take the online E-course before attending the hands-on portion. You can find the E-Course at the following link:

Upon completion of the E-Course, please make a copy of the certificate to bring with you along with the Hold Harmless Agreement and the BSA Consent Form which you can find on the Western Mass Council Summer Camp Website.

  • Week 1 2024
    June 30, 2024 to July 06

  • Week 2 2024
    July 07, 2024 to July 13

  • Week 3 2024
    July 14, 2024 to July 20

  • Week 4 2024
    July 21, 2024 to July 27

  • Week 5 2024: Eagle Week (2nd Class Rank+)
    July 28, 2024 to August 03

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  • Week 1 2025 (pricing TBD - showing 2024)
    July 06, 2025 to July 12

    Register Today
  • Week 2 2025 (pricing TBD - showing 2024)
    July 13, 2025 to July 19

    Register Today
  • Week 3 2025 (pricing TBD - showing 2024)
    July 20, 2025 to July 26

    Register Today
  • Week 4 2025 (pricing TBD - showing 2024)
    July 27, 2025 to August 02

    Register Today
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2024 Summer Camp Dates Flyer Download
2024 Summer Camp Program Guide Revised May 14, 2024 Download
ATV Consent Form Consent Form for ATV Course participants. (Age 14+) Download
ATV Health & Safety Notice Download
ATV Hold Harmless Agreement Hold Harmless Agreement for ATV Course participants. (Age 14+) Download
Aviation Consent Form Consent form for aviation merit badge flight Download
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