Program Committees

The council maintains a number of committees consisting of dedicated volunteers who work to provide quality program for the youth in western Massachusetts. Whether directly running special programs on the council level, providing assistance to the districts for their activities or serving as a resource for units or the staff of our summer camp programs, these committees are a vital part of the council's overall plan. More information about each committee and their individual missions can be found by clicking on the appropriate committee in the list to the right.

Join Us

Do you have a particular skill that could be useful to one of these committees? If so, please contact the chair of the appropriate committee at the email listed below or visit the Get Involved page to find out how you can contribute to the success of the Western Massachusetts Council.

Position Name Telephone
Council Training Chair Mary Benjamin Email
OA Lodge Adviser Andrew Dufault (413) 575-7239 Email
High Adventure Committee Chair Kevin Duncan (413) 446-7861 Email
Aquatics Committee Chair Blake Edwards Email
Trades Committee Chair James Guzman Email
Advancement & Recognition Chair Joshua Hall Email
COPE & Climbing Chair Byron Izyk Email
Shooting Sports Committee Chair Morgan Kimball Sr Email
Fishing Committee Chair Craig Mannix (413) 783-5399 Email
Radio Committee Chair Nick Maslon Email
ATV Committee Chair Donna Perkins (413) 426-4088 Email
WHOA Director Mia Santos-Izyk Email
Conservation Committee Chair Steve Scannell (413) 893-9658 Email
Council EVOA Co-Advisor Matt Tassinari Email
Day Camp Director Vacant
Activities & Civic Service Committee Chair Vacant
Outdoor Program Committee Chair Vacant
Resident Camp Director Bob Walz Email
VP for Program John Willemain Email
Council Program Director Greg A. Williams (413) 594-9196 x7004 Email