Council Pinewood Derby


May 22, 2022



Gary Rome Hyundai
150 Whiting Farms Rd
Holyoke, MA 01040


Thank you to our corporate hosts at Gary Rome Hyundai in Holyoke, MA and congratulations to all of today’s racers, family members, and the volunteers from Pack and Troop 1849! The races were exciting, the camp songs were fun, and the car designs were impressive.


Overall Council Top Three 

  1. Nicholas M. - Pack 3008 - Bear - 3.1365 seconds
  2. Tristan L. - Pack 3042 - Webelos - 3.1645 seconds
  3. Tallen L. - Pack 4009 - Bear - 3.1919 seconds

Open Class

  1. Corbin P. - Pack 3 - 3.1922 seconds
  2. Joshua O. - Pack 1849 - 3.2990 seconds
  3. Beverly P. - Pack 1849 - 3.3059


  1. Grayson C. - Pack 4003 - 3.2257 seconds
  2. Matthew B. - Pack 209 - 3.2523 seconds
  3. Sammie S. - Pack 303 - 3.2553 seconds


  1. Alexander B. - Pack 4009 - 3.1968 seconds
  2. Aubrey C. - Pack 4003 - 3.2396 seconds
  3. Owen W - Pack 1774 - 3.2448 seconds


  1. Colby C. - Pack 18 - 3.2180 seconds
  2. Benjamin C. - Pack 3008 - 3.2914 seconds
  3. Trinity C. - Pack 303 - 3.3178 seconds


  1. Nicholas M. - Pack 3008 - 3.1365 seconds
  2. Tallen L. - Pack 4009 - 3.1919 seconds
  3. Hunter P. - Pack 3042 - 3.2061 seconds


  1. Tristan L. - Pack 3042 - 3.1645 seconds
  2. Shane C. - Pack 4003 - 3.1976 seconds
  3. Ethan D. - Pack 3042 - 3.2261 seconds

Racer Registration

  • Cost is $7.50 per car
  • All cars are required to register and pay online by the Thursday before the race.
  • NO registrations will be accepted on race day under any circumstances.
  • Unit leaders may enter and pay for all their Pack's cars on one registration or have individuals register and pay themselves.


Racer Recognition

  • Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 finishing cars at each Cub Scout level as well as the Open Class.
  • Patches will be awarded to all participants but sent to Cubmasters once they arrive late Spring.


Car Check-In Times

  • 1:00 - 1:30 pm check-in arrival


Race Times

  • Races will begin at 2:00 pm, unless delayed by check-in
  • Attendees are encouraged to bring a lawn/camp chair for adults and/or a blanket for the youth 


How It Works

All cars from each eligible Scout rank (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and 4th grade Webelos) and cars from the Open Class from each District will be scored head-to-head against those of the other Districts. The Open Class category is for cars entered by friends, family, older Scouts (including 5th grade Arrow of Light Scouts), or community members.

Each car will race once on each lane of the racetrack. The lowest cumulative time will be the winner. The top three winners will be recognized in each category.



You can find the car building rules in the file download area below. Please follow them closely and ask questions of your leader. There will be a check-in table at drop-off and every car will go through an inspection at that time. The rules and inspection ensure that the car will both fit on the track and that there is a level playing field.


Car Check-in Specifics

At check-in, if a car is rejected for any reason (the most likely being over the 5oz weight limit), we will have a space available for alterations. Bring your own tools. Every family entering a car must fill out a Car Repair Waiver from the file download area below - one half page per car. If permission to alter a car is not given and the family is not present to adjust, then non-compliant cars or one that breaks during the race will have to be disqualified.


In-Person vs. Remote Viewing

Unless health and safety regulations prohibit at the time of the race, in-person viewing is being planned for.

In the event health and safety protocols prevent an in-person event, every effort will be made to record the race and make the race video available on your Western Massachusetts Council YouTube Channel and the Event Calendar Page at a later date.

File Name Description
Car Repair Waiver & Acknowledgement Form Updated 02/07/2022 Download
Council Pinewood Derby Rules Updated 01/25/2023 No updates for 2024 Download