Unit Popcorn Sales

Trails End Popcorn 2020


Important Dates to Remember 


July 1st                  Popcorn Sale Begins


July 3-5th              Popcorn Free Shipping Weekend


July 16th                Council Popcorn Kickoff – Zoom


July 29th               Council Popcorn Kickoff Encore - Zoom


August 9th            Show and Sell Orders Due  

( Due to Covid-19  No Returns will be accepted.)

Patriot Tin Orders Due – Show and Sell Only – While Supplies Last.


August 29th          Show and Sell Distribution


October 5th          Show and Sell Payment Due  (50% of Order)


November 13th       Take Order Due


November 25th  Early Bird Payment for Bonus Commission


December 5th   Take Order DistributionPayment Final Deadline


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File Name Description
Popcorn - How Online Works Download
Popcorn Business Card Download
Popcorn Door Hanger Download
Popcorn How to Sell $1000 Guide Download
Popcorn Kernel Guide Download
Popcorn Online Direct Sales Directions Download
Popcorn Order Form Download
Prize Order Form Download