Pocumtuc Lodge Dues

Arrowmen who complete their Ordeal in 2022 do not have to pay 2022 dues.

Paying your Dues will ensure that you can experience all of the things that the Lodge and the Order has to offer. It is an annual payment of $15* and will last you until the end of December, yearly. Included in the dues fee is our annual Lodge Leadership and Development training course that usually occurs in the fall and a special dues flap.

* The cost of dues will be raised to $20 past the date of April 31st each year. The exact breakdown of how your dues money is used can be found below.

The Golden Key

Includes dues, a special golden key patch, and admission to the 5 annual lodge events (2 fellowships, 2 ordeals, and the banquet).

Breakdown of Dues Payment

Your yearly dues will be filtered into the following categories:

  • $5 to National OA, BSA
  • $5 to your yearly dues flap
  • $5 to the Lodge
  • (Post April 31st) $5 to our Heidi-Harris Camp Improvement Fund


Position Name Telephone
OA Lodge Adviser Andrew Dufault (413) 575-7239 Email
OA Lodge Treasurer Robert Regan Email