Metacomet District Pinewood Derby


Apr 10, 2021 10:00 am to 2:00 pm



Zoom Meeting
n/a, MA 00000




  1. Tyler G. - Pack 303 - 11.863 seconds
  2.  Jeffery G. - Pack 303 - 11.967 second
  3.  Solomon M. - Pack 209 - 12.007 second


  1. Henrick L. - Pack 3 - 12.109 seconds 
  2. Henry S. - Pack 209 - 12.669 seconds
  3. Siobhan C. - Pack 303 - 13.411 second


  1. Annika L. - Pack 3 - 12.109 seconds 
  2. Sylvia N. - Pack 303 - 12.269 seconds
  3. Ethan C. - Pack 209 - 13.237 seconds


  1. Wesley M. - Pack 303 - 12.146 seconds
  2.  Elias T. - Pack 3 - 13.791 seconds


  1. Mason B. - Pack 303 - 11.910 seconds
  2. Jack B. - Pack 507 - 12.405 seconds
  3. Allen F. - Pack 3 - 12.619 seconds


  1. Drew C. - Pack 504 - 12.243 seconds
  2. Caleb S. - Pack 18 - 12.341 seconds
  3. Corbin P. - Pack 3 - 12.353 seconds

Race Information (Combined Metacomet 500 & District Derby)

  • Cost: $5 per car registered


Metacomet 500
This race is for any Pack that is not running their own Pinewood Derby or able to complete it this year prior to the Metacomet District Derby. All Packs in the District are welcome to send all of their cars to be run in this year's race.
Race results will be separated by Pack and rank, then emailed to the Cubmaster. 
District Derby
The fastest car from each rank (Lion - Webelos) in each Pack will be scored head to head against those of the other Packs. This separate race is typically done at a later date, but this year we'll run the races concurrently. The computer will provide results for individual Packs for each rank as well as the District Derby winners for each rank.
Live Stream
We were fortunate have a building large enough and open to hold a Pinewood Derby this year. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the only people inside during the race will be the Pit Crew Members running the event. We will live stream the event for all to watch online, link to be provided later.
The airtime will be based on the amount of registered cars, but expect a mid to late morning (like 10am) race start.
You can find the car building rules in files downlaod area below. Please follow them closely and ask questions of your leader. There will be a check-in table at dropoff and every car will go through an inspection at that time. The rules and inspection ensure that the car will both fit on the track and that there is a level playing field. 
The address is 5 Ferry St. in South Hadley (Stony Brook Community Church). Follow this map when arriving. 
At check-in, if a car is rejected for any reason (the most likely being over the 5oz weight limit), we will have a space available for alterations. Bring your own tools. Every family entering a car must fill out a Car Repair Waiver from the file download area below - one half page per car. If permission to alter a car is not given, then non-compliant cars will have to be disqualified. A family member dropping off their own car can make an alteration. However a car could possibly break during the race, and the only people available to repair it will be the race officials. 
What does your Pack do?
Build the cars, drop off the cars before the race, and pick them up afterwards. Units will be scheduled soon for drop offs with some occuring Friday evening, April 9 and others Saturday morning, April 10. 
If you are running your own unit race before April 10, you can forward the fastest cars from each rank (1 Lion, 1 Tiger, 1 Wolf, 1 Bear and 1 Webelos) to South Hadley.
If you are not running your own unit race, you can send your entire membership's cars and we will race them for you. 
Council Derby
The fastest 3 cars from each rank at the District Derby level will be "impounded" and entered into the Western Mass Council Derby on May 1, which will be live streamed. They will race against the fastest cars from the Appalachian Trail District and General Knox District. 


Racer Registration

  • All Packs will be required to register their invited Cub Scouts by April 8, 2021. Please plan your derby schedule accordingly.
  • Your Pack Pinewood Derby champion from each rank (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) advances to the Metacomet District Pinewood Derby. Please enter the name of the Cub Scout by rank (only 1 Cub Scout may compete at each rank if your Pack held a derby this year). 
  • If your top Cub Scout is unable to make it, an alternate can register to represent the unit at that rank. 
  • NO registrations will be accepted on race day under any circumstances.

Racer Recognition

  • Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 finishing cars at each Cub Scout Level and they will advance to the Council Pinewood Derby.
  • Patches will be awarded to all participants, but sent to Cubmasters once they arrive in mid-May.

File Name Description
Car Repair Waiver Form Download
Council Pinewood Derby Rules Updated 03/08/2021 -2020 cars permitted in 2021 -Virtual District Races Addendum added -Modified to indicate Race Day rules may need to be modified for a virtual event due to the participants not being present. Download