Metacomet District

The Metacomet District serves communities in Hampshire and Franklin Counties and the community of Holyoke.

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Eagle Project Proposal and Board of Review Information

All Eagle project proposals are approved by the district advancement chairman.

  • Mail the project proposal: PO Box 1353, Amherst, MA 01004-1353
  • Drop off the project proposal: 196 Aubinwood Road, Amherst, MA 01002



  1.  IMPORTANT - Troop must send the completed Eagle Application to WMC office for approval - 1 Arch Rd, Westfield MA 01085.

  2. WMC MUST approve the application and will return it to the Troop.  AT THIS POINT the Scoutmaster or Troop Advancement person must send an email to Terry Fenstad - - include your phone number, name of scout, DOB of scout, and when you want the board...Terry's phone number is 413 531 9610...Terry will work out the date of the Board with the Scoutmaster or Troop Advancement person.

  3.  Boards are held either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 7:30PM and are conducted in 1 of 2 ways - either by phone with a speakerphone connection or by zoom that is arranged by the troop.

  4.  The Board consists of 3-5 people...Terry is one member, Greg Fenstad (an Eagle Scout) is another, and the Troop must furnish one member or more.

  5.  The Troop should email a copy of the scout's approved application and Life Statement to Terry and other board members...Terry will Email the Scoutmaster a copy of suggested questions for Board member for the Scoutmaster to furnish the Board members...

  6. Once the Board is done the Scoutmaster must send the original copy of the approved Eagle application and a completed Advancement Form to Terry - 196 Aubinwood Road, Amherst, MA 01002...Terry will then sign the application and forward it to WMC with a copy to the Scoutmaster...