Metacomet District

The Metacomet District serves communities in Hampshire and Franklin Counties and the community of Holyoke.

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Eagle Project Proposal and Board of Review Information

All Eagle project proposals are approved by the district advancement chairman, please contact Joe Case at, (413) 530-1563.


EAGLE BOARD OF REVIEW PROCEDURES (please review the BSA Guide to Advancement Section 9 for more specific information)

  1. After making a copy, deliver or send only the completed Eagle Scout Rank Application (either printed from or downloaded from signed by the unit leader and committee chair to the Western Massachusetts Council (WMC) service center office for verification - 1 Arch Rd, Westfield MA 01085 or

  2. WMC will verify the application information against BSA records and, once accurate, will return it to the Unit Leader.

  3. Next the Unit Leader or Designee must contact Joe Case at, (413) 530-1563. Joe will work out the date/time/location of the Board of Review with the Unit Leader or Designee, arrange for at least one representative from the Metacomet District or Council for the review, discuss arrangements for references to be secured from those listed on the application, and provide sample Eagle Scout Board of Review questions to share with other Board of Review members.

  4. The Unit Leader or Designee must bring to the Board of Review (1) the original verified Eagle application, (2) the Scout's statement of ambitions and life purpose, (3) listing of positions, honors, and awards, (4) a copy of the Eagle Scout Project Workbook and supporting documentation, such as photos, (5) sealed Letters of Reference, and (6) a completed Advancement Form for the Eagle Scout Rank and any Palms.

  5. Following a successful Board of Review, the Eagle Scout Board of Review Chair and District Representative will sign the application and all members of the board will sign the Advancement Form.

  6. Finally, after making a copy, please deliver or send only the signed Eagle Scout Application and signed Advancement Report to Lynsey Newsome, 1 Arch Rd, Westfield MA 01085 or

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Marine Corps League Eagle Scout Good Citizenship Award Request Application Download