Marketing & Membership Resources

Use the resources and links on this page to design your most effective plan to sign on new youth and go All In For Scouting this year!


Districts are scheduling outdoor events and activities to involve new and current members so the fun continues year-round.


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File Name Description
Recruitment Plan Western MA Council Plan Download
2020 All In For Scouting Presentation Download
Be A Scout Pin Set Up How to update information on your unit's pin on Download
Cub Scout Recruitment Idea Book Download
Family Talent Survey Aid to identify potential leaders Download
Membership Recruitment Challenge 2020 Download
New Fee's Infographic Display BSA Fees 2020 Download
Scouting Works! Download
Scouts BSA Recruitment Idea Book Download
Sign in Pack Signups Sign-in sheet Download
The smart and simple way to recruit Scouts during COVID-19 Download
Use This Virtual Rally Plan Plan a Virtual Recruitment Download
Using Social Media to Market Your Programs Download
Using Zoom for Virtual Scouting Download
Virtual Recruit Flyer Download
Virtual Recruitment Playbook Comprehensive guide & resources for recruiting Download
Welcome New Cub Scout Family Download
WMC 2020 Virtual Membership Campaign Download
Youth & Adult Registration Fees by Month Monthly Fees 2020 Download