Marketing & Membership Resources

Western Massachusetts Council, BSA is Hooked on Scouting
We will Catch a Thousand in Fall 2017!

Use the resources and links on this page to design your most effective plan to sign on new youth this fall.

August 29 is Media Blitz Day – how many ways can you visibly promote Scouting in your community!

There are youth and unit incentives along with the popular Free Family Fishing Event that attracts non-Scouting families to try out a day of Scouting fun and adventure.

Districts are scheduling outdoor events and activities to involve new and current members so the fun continues year-round.

File Name Description
Cub Scout Recruitment Training Download
Family Talent Survey Download
Hooked on Scouting Event Flyer 9 2017 Download
Important Dates Growth Campaign Important dates for your unit to help "Catch a Thousand!" Download
Increase effectiveness of Unit Joining Events.pdf Download
Media Blitz Day Poster August 29 is Media Blitz Day. How will you promote Scouting? Download
Recruitment Materials Order For Order recruitment materials to help grow your unit! Download
Recruitment Menu Our menu of available recruitment materials Download
Sign in Pack Signups Sign-in sheet for pack signup events Download
Using Program to Attract and Retain Youth Download