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Weird Science

Join us for "Weird Science" at any of our exciting day camp locations this summer!

Cub Scout Day Camp is for rising first through fifth grade boys and girls.

Join us as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation.


The dates for 2021 are here with four weeks of Cub Scout Summer Camp being offered at the Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation!

Week 1: July 4-10 *** Week 2: July 11-17 *** Week 3: July 18-24 *** Week 4: July 25-31


The program fills each day with adventure and the experiences for which youth join Scouting: Character Development, Citizenship Training, Personal Fitness, and Leadership Development activities such as:

  • Shooting Sports: Archery, BB Guns, Wrist Rocket Slingshots
  • Scouting Skills
  • Nature and Conservation
  • Group Games and Sports
  • Arts and Crafts
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  • Camp Songs and Skits
  • Swimming, Boating, Fishing



  • $75 per scout: Reservation Deposit Recommended by March 15 (non-refundable)
    • Register now, as dens are limited to first 8 registrations
    • Reservation deposit is deducted from the cost listed below
    • Siblings receive a $25 discount (contact Council Program Director to have this applied before making your final payment)
    • Multiple Week Campers receive a $25 day camp discount for each week after the initial week (contact Council Program Director to have this applied before making your final payment)
    • Campers who attend our day camp will be eligible to register for our resident camp at the early bird rate after the May 31st deadline (contact Council Program Director to have this applied before making your final payment)
  • $TBD: Balance Paid IN FULL before May 31st (a $50 discount!)
  • $TBD: Balance Paid IN FULL from June 1st to 2 days before camp
  • $TBD: Balance Paid IN FULL Walk-In



New to our Summer Camp Programs or have questions on what to expect? See if a Summer Camp presentation would be good for your unit or council. Click Here for more information or to request a free Summer Camp Presentation at your location!



Refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis. A request for a refund must be done so by emailing “Homesickness” is not considered to be a refundable medical reason.



Due to Massachusetts and BSA licensing requirements, you must submit for each child and adult enrolled in our camps, a BSA Annual Health & Medical Record parts A & B, front and back copy of health insurance card, and a physician's Certificate of Immunization (current within last 12 months and signed by a physician). *If your family has decided to not immunize your child, a waiver must be provided.

Specific state immunization information can be downloaded below.

These are REQUIRED to be submitted prior to campers and staff arriving at camp and inspected by the local Board of Health. Please note that these forms must be provided each year.

Please write at the top of the first page which Day Camp Location and Week(s) it is for. 

It is preferred that you mail a copy of these to our Camp Medical Officer no later than the Monday prior to the start of the week you are participating in at: WMC Summer Camp, 1 Arch Rd Suite 5, Westfield, MA 01085.

  • Submitting now will allow them to be reviewed prior to your arrival and speed up the Monday medical check in process. 

  • These medical forms will not be returned at the conclusion of camp, as state regulations now require camps to maintain these records.

These may also be faxed to (413) 562-1041, or dropped off/mailed to: Western Massachusetts Council, ATTN: Day Camp, 1 Arch Road - Suite 5, Westfield, Massachusetts 01085 (OR 141 North Street, Suite 101, Pittsfield, MA 01201), though it is recommended to bring another copy to camp just in case they are not received by the camp health officer.



Summer camp staff opportunity information can be found here.



Scouts are encouraged to "earn their own way," and the Western Massachusetts Council is prepared to help. Plan to participate in the fall Popcorn Fundraiser.

Special assistance is also available for qualifying families. Just complete the 2019 Campership Application (available below) and submit it to the Scout Service Center. Please submit Campership Applications by April 3, 2020. Applications may be accepted after this date, but will be subject to available campership funds remaining.



This was my first year sending my son to any type of camp. And I am very pleased with this day camp. I felt very comfortable leaving my son with the volunteers. I knew that he would be safe. And everyday he would tell me what he did. Usually I would get a I don't remember answer. The fact that he "remembered " what he did told me how much he liked going there.

My scouts were in separate groups with new people, they made new friendships, they were very happy, coming home every day singing the camp songs. Love that

He was more excited to get dropped off somewhere. He knew what was required of him and loved going to camp.

He has never been to camp and loved it.

Thank you for a great fun filled week!

Day Camp (as well as Resident Camp) is a wholesome opportunity to learn new skills, hone skills and, most important, to learn about one's ability to get along to go along (friend making). It's an opportunity to enable youth to realize more about their self/character in a fun setting.

Granby Cub Scout Day Camp. The most rewarding, challenging and exhausting week you’ll ever love. It’s amazing to see a team of volunteers come together to provide an awesome program to nearly 100 youth.

My Tiger and Webelo has so much fun at the Lenox camp! They were so excited to tell me what they did each day and went to bed early (without complaining!) every night so they would be ready in the morning. Great job to you and your staff for making it a great experience!



The Western Massachusetts Council's Leon J. Carman Cub Scout Day Camp is an application of the Boy Scouts of America’s commitment to preparing young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes in accord with the Scout Oath and Law.

The goal for each camper is to "Do Your Best" in a safe atmosphere that allows youth to challenge themselves and gain recognition for successes achieved and learn from struggles faced. Campers gain skills that will prepare them for further Scouting endeavors. Respect for others is developed through friendship, teamwork and acceptance of individuals’ abilities and differences.    

The camp fosters the development of youth physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, socially, and spiritually.

To schedule a Camp Promotion for your Unit, contact our camp directors.

Every Scout deserves the opportunity of a week at camp!
Please remember everyone attending Day Camp, youth and adult, will need to provide parts A and B of the BSA Annual Health & Medical Record. This includes a copy of the front and back of insurance card and a physician's immunization report. These can be dropped off at or mailed to the Council Office, marked ATTN: Day Camp.

Since the summer of 2018, immunization requirements for children attending camp follow the Massachusetts school immunization requirements, as outlined in the Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements table ( Children should meet the immunization requirements for the grade they will enter in the school year following their camp session.

Campers, staff and volunteers who are 18 years of age and older should follow the immunizations outlined in the document, Adult Occupational Immunizations (

File Name Description
Campership Financial Assistance Form Download
Certificate of Immunization Form (Optional) Use this form or another that your physician's office can produce from their computer system. MA DPH says a Certificate of Immunization shall mean either: (1) any form or letter signed and dated by a physician or designee, or (2) a dated report from the Massachusetts Immunization Information System; provided that either document specifies the month and year of administration and the type/name of the vaccines(s) administered to the camper or staff person, or alternative evidence of immunity. Download
MA Immunization Requirements for Camp Youth and Adults Download