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Sunday, July 14, 2019

The town of Granby, Massachusetts has issued a cease and desist order to Western Massachusetts Council to not operate the Western Massachusetts Council Granby Day Camp at the Chicopee Sportsmen’s Club in Granby, Massachusetts.

Despite operating a safe, fun, and quality day camp for the past 6 summers at this location, the health department refused to accept any alternatives for operations.

This is due to processes beyond the control or influence of Western Massachusetts Council.  We received this order the afternoon of Saturday, July 13, 2019 and have spent the past 24 hours appealing to the health department.

We regret to announce that we will have to cancel the Western Massachusetts Council Granby Day Camp operations.  Full refunds to all paid participants will be made as soon as possible.

Additionally, we are exploring the potential to run some programs later in the summer at Moses Scout Reservation, but that will depend on staffing, participation, and facility capacity.


Our Cub Scout Day Camps are administered by nationally trained staff, but are run totally by volunteers! We always need more volunteers to make these camps run smoothly. 

Please ask how you might volunteer - no prior camp or scouting experience necessary!


How Do I Volunteer?

  1. Starting the process:
    1. Contact the Camp Director
    2. Submit a Staff Application
    3. Register online at Tentaroo as an "Adult" or "Den Chief" for the week(s) you are volunteering for
  2. Completing the process:
    1. Have three letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf (Scouts must include one from the Scoutmaster or Advisor)
    2. Submit CORI and SORI consent forms (adults only)
    3. Submit a photocopy of your Driver's License or State ID (adults only)
    4. Submit current BSA medical forms parts A & B, certificate of immunizations, and photocopy of insurance card front and back
    5. If not already, register as a member of BSA (discuss with Camp Director how)
    6. Submit evidence of completing Youth Protection Training (adults only)
    7. Complete one mandatory staff training session and the Sunday pre-camp setup orientation [See Below for Dates/Locations]
      1. Training session for adults only
      2. Pre-Camp setup orientation for all staff - Youth and Adults
    8. Submit a completed Post Action Report to the Camp Directors
    9. CLICK HERE for Staff Application Materials and camp job descriptions.


What Will Be Expected of Me?

Adult Staff are asked to attend one 3-hour training session from those offered:

  1. Rescheduled: Saturday, June 8: 10am-1pm, Moses Scout Reservation during WHOA
  2. Tuesday, June 11: 6pm-9pm, Saint Helena’s Chapel, Lenox
  3. Thursday, June 20: 6pm-9pm, All Saints' Episcopal Church, South Hadley
  4. Saturday, June 22: 9am-12pm, Manor House, Moses Scout Reservation
    • Shooting Sports training will follow with Greg Williams, after a break for lunch (added 6/20/19)

Youth and Adult Staff are asked to attend camp setup and final orientation training the Sunday afternoon before their camp starting at 1pm.

Youth and Adult Staff are asked to be present and participate in camp activities during hours of operation as described in the job description.


Staff Appreciation and Camper Fee Refunds

Staff should mark their calendars for our Day Camp Appreciation Family Picnic at Moses Scout Reservation on TBD.

Refunds of $100 will be given back to families that have completed staff training, volunteered for 5 days of Day Camp, setup Sunday afternoon prior to camp, and complete a post-action report. Refunds will be sent out in September. Refunds are $100 per adult volunteer per week of volunteering.



Due to Massachusetts and BSA licensing requirements, you must submit for each child and adult enrolled in our camps, a BSA Annual Health & Medical Record parts A & B, front and back copy of health insurance card, and a physician's Certificate of Immunization (current within last 12 months and signed by a physician). *If your family has decided to not immunize your child, a waiver must be provided.

Specific state immunization information can be downloaded below.

These are REQUIRED to be submitted prior to campers and staff arriving at camp and inspected by the local Board of Health. Please note that these forms must be provided each year.

Please write at the top of the first page which Day Camp Week(s) it is for. 

It is preferred that you mail a copy of these to our Cub Scout Day Camp Medical Officer no later than the Monday prior to the start of the week you are participating in at: Jason Dorval, PO Box 805, Chicopee, MA 01014

  • Submitting now will allow them to be reviewed prior to your arrival and speed up the Monday medical check in process. 

  • These medical forms will not be returned at the conclusion of camp, as state regulations now require camps to maintain these records.

These may also be faxed to (413) 562-1041, or dropped off/mailed to: Western Massachusetts Council, ATTN: Day Camp, 1 Arch Road - Suite 5, Westfield, Massachusetts 01085 (OR 141 North Street, Suite 101, Pittsfield, MA 01201), though it is recommended to bring another copy to camp just in case they are not received by the camp health officer.

Camp staff age 18 years and older immunization requirements: Immunity to measles, mumps and rubella; tetanus/diphtheria vaccine. Vacinations or Proof of Immunity: Unless born before 1957, 2 doses of measles, 1 dose of mumps and 1 dose of rubella vaccines >12 months of age; serologic evidence of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella. At least 3 doses of DTaP/DTP/DT/Td. A booster of Td or Tdap is required if >10 years since last tetanus vaccine.



"The hardest, most rewarding week of the summer."

"Something worthwhile to do with my kids for an entire week."

"I knew I would have fun, but I didn't think it would've been THAT much fun!"

When asked why they volunteered in 2017 2/3 of the staff indicated "I love Cub Scouting" and 1/3 also indicated both "Spend quality time with my Scout" and "Help the leaders from my Pack."

100% of the staff answered yes to "Did you have FUN while volunteering at Cub Scout Day Camp?" on the 2017 staff survey responses.


File Name Description
Annual Health & Medical Record Form BSA Annual Health & Medical Record Form Parts A & B Download
Campership Application 2019 Campership Application- Due BEFORE April 5, 2019 Download
Certificate of Immunization Form (Optional) Use this form or another that your physician's office can produce from their computer system. MA DPH says a Certificate of Immunization shall mean either: (1) any form or letter signed and dated by a physician or designee, or (2) a dated report from the Massachusetts Immunization Information System; provided that either document specifies the month and year of administration and the type/name of the vaccines(s) administered to the camper or staff person, or alternative evidence of immunity. Download
Cub Day Camp Volunteer Staff Application Download
Day Camp Family Guide A guide to what our day camps are all about. Download
MA Immunization Requirements for Camp Youth and Adults Download
Summer Camp Fee Schedule 2019 Summer Camp Fee Schedule Download