Corporate Pinewood Derby Race


Corporate Pinewood Derby Race




Race Sponsor- $3,000                                  

(Front Cover of Journal, WMC Website 6 months, 5 corporate entries, 5 onsite broadcast announcements, Banner opportunity)

Victory Lap Sponsor- $2,000                                  

(Back Cover of Journal, WMC Website 3 months, 4 corporate entries, 4 onsite broadcast announcements, large sign opportunity)

Pit Crew Sponsor- $1,000                                  

(Full Page of Journal, WMC Website 2 months, 3 corporate entries, 3 onsite broadcast announcements, small sign opportunity)

Checkered Flag Sponsors-  $250

(Half Page Journal, 1 corporate entry, 1 onsite broadcast announcements, the name displayed with race flags)

Corporate Car Entries- $150

(Listing in Journal, 1 Pinewood Derby Car Kit)

Journal Entries- $5


File Name Description
Council Pinewood Derby Rules Updated 03/08/2021 -2020 cars permitted in 2021 -Virtual District Races Addendum added -Modified to indicate Race Day rules may need to be modified for a virtual event due to the participants not being present. Download