Metacomet Klondike Derby - "Hawaiian Wonderland"


Jan 31, 2020 5:00 pm to Feb 2, 2020 11:00 am



Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation
310 Birch Hill Rd
Russell, MA 01071




Metacomet District Klondike Derby 2020
January 31-February 2 (Derby: February 1, 2020 8:30a-4:00p)
Moses Scout Reservation, 310 Birch Hill Rd, Russell, MA 01071


  • UPDATED PATROL EQUIPMENT LIST ADDED TO MANUAL 01/26/2020 (see below for details)
  • Test your Scouting skills as you work with your patrol to finish challenges and get your sled to the luau celebration!
  • Patrols are encouraged to decorate their sleds, patrol flags, and themselves in Hawaiian style to demonstrate Patrol and Scout Spirit.
  • Lunch Cookoff Challenge: include SPAM and maybe pineapple or coconut too!
  • Units are encouraged to camp out on Friday and/or Saturday night, but can also just attend the derby on Saturday.
    • Camping units are encouraged to host Friendship Fires and visit one another.
  • Online registration is available below.
  • Participating Units are requested to have adults volunteer to run a planned Klondike challenge and send an adult representative to a finall challenge planning meeting on Monday, January 20, 2020 6:00 pm at All Saints Church, 7 Woodbridge St, South Hadley, MA 01075.

Units planning to campover night should make their own reservation at

Patrol Equipment List for Sleds:

• Copy of the Official Patrol Roster
• Score card (issued at check-in)
• Nugget Pouch
• Notebook and Pencil
• Scout Handbook
• Scout Field book (optional, but highly recommended)
• 2 #10 cans with bail (handle) (or cook kit pots)
Enough wood (with tinder and kindling) to bring 2 number ten cans to a boil Wood will be provided by camp
• 6 Six Foot Poles (at least 1 hiking stick or Scout stave per Scout)
• 8 Ropes, 10-12 feet long
• 1 Tarp (10 x 12 ft. recommended)
• 2 Compasses
• 8 Neckerchiefs or triangular bandages (at least 1 per Scout)
• 2 non-cotton blankets
• First aid kit & supplies for first aid challenges
• Camp axe
• Saw
• Pocket knife
• Flint and Steel (Hot Spark)
• Stick Matches (strike anywhere are recommended)
• Camp Shovel
• A can of SPAM (or Tofu) for lunch (optional: pineapple and/or coconut ingredients)
• A fresh pineapple for shooting sports challenge
• In an accessible pack on the sled: Mid-morning snack: trail mix and hot drink in a thermos; Toilet paper; Patrol first aid kit; Plastic bags & duct tape (to make gaiters & boot liners for wet feet)
• Packed for lunch: Patrol cook & utensil kit; Scout mug, dish/bowl, and utensils for each patrol member; Stove & fuel (or wood for a cooking fire); Gallon of drinking water (minimum); Ingredients for lunch; and Hot drink mix (hot chocolate, hot cider, tang

File Name Description
2020 Klondike Flyer Added 12/12/19, updated 12/22/2019 Download
2020 SPL Manual for Klondike Derby 2020 manual added 12/22/2019, Updated 01/26/2020 Download
Position Name Telephone
Council Program Director Greg A. Williams (413) 594-9196 x7004 Email
Metacomet Roundtable Commissioner: Scouts BSA Michael Zlogar (413) 530-3796 Email