Metacomet Eagle Scout Seminar


Nov 20, 2018 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm



All Saints' Episcopal Church
7 Woodbridge St
South Hadley, MA 01075
Location Phone: (413) 532-8917


Learn all about the Life Scout to Eagle Scout process – rank requirements, useful hints and tips, available resources, roles & responsibilities, etc.. This session is being facilitated by Terry Fenstad, Metacomet Advancement Chairman, and assisted by Steve Roberts, Interim Metacomet District Executive and Western Massachusetts Council Program Director.

What’s covered?

The seminar covers the following information:

  • All the Eagle Scout requirements (Scout spirit, merit badges, leadership positions, your Eagle project, the application, letters of reference, Council application review, Board of Review and Eagle Ceremony)
  • Role of the Life Scout
  • Role of the Scoutmaster and Troop Committee
  • Role of the Eagle Scout Coach (Mentor)
  • Role of the Parents
  • Role of the District and Council

Who should attend?

Life Scouts:

If you’re a new Life Scout, learn all about what’s involved to earn the rank of Eagle.  If you’re a Life Scout that’s getting ready to begin your service project, you’ll learn how to fill out the project workbook.


Find out what’s involved and what your role is in your son’s journey.

Star Scouts:

Curious about what to expect once you’re a Life Scout?  It’s never too soon to find out!

Unit leaders & committee members:

Share your experiences with other Scouts, parents and leaders.  Learn about the subtle changes in completing the new project workbook.

Unit Eagle Scout Coaches or Mentors: 

Learn the role and responsibilities of this very important position. 


Learn the procedures for an Eagle Scout Candidate in the Metacomet District. 

Position Name Telephone
Metacomet Advancement Chair Terry Fenstad (413) 253-5058 Email
Program Director Steven Roberts (413) 594-9196 x7004 Email