AT District Klondike Derby


Jan 18, 2019 5:30 pm to Jan 20, 2019 11:00 am



Lee Sportsmans Club
565 Fairview Street
Lee, MA 01238



Theme: The Ice Age
Date: January 18-20, 2019
Location: Lee Sportsmans Club, 565 Fairview Street, Lee

Stations: The following are the stations Patrols will be the competing in throughout the Klondike Derby. Scouts will earn points based on performance and Scout spirit.

Sled Inspection

The sled is inspected for all required equipment and for proper packing; nothing should fall out when the sled is turned over. Every Scout must be wearing appropriate clothing and footwear.  Patrol photos will be taken at this time.

Don’t Spill the Serum

The sled will be fitted with a cup and the Patrol must deliver the serum to the aid station as quickly as possible over the marked trail.  Upon arriving at the first station the contents of the cup will be measured and points awarded based on how much was in the cup and the time taken to deliver the serum.

The Crossing

The patrol and sled must cross the ravine without anything falling into the ravine.  A point penalty will be accessed for each item or people who fall into the ravine.


With the materials given, create a fire and bring 2 cups of water to a boil.


With the materials given, create a raised platform capable of holding 3 Scouts.


Using a compass and co-ordinance, reach each waypoint and arrive at the finish as fast as possible.


After a brief safety meeting, each Scout will shoot a .22 rifle at a target a number of times and the cumulative score will count towards Klondike points.


The Patrol will rescue a victim from a distance that has “fallen through the ice”. Discuss hypothermia, frost bite, prevention and care with the facilitator. Devise a system to transport victim to safety using items from the sled, but not the sled itself.


Treasure Hunt

File Name Description
2018 Klondike Leader Guide Download
2018 Klondike Patrol Roster Form Download
2018 Klondike Registration Form Download
2018 Klondike Unit Roster Download
2019 Klondike Derby Save the Date Flyer Download
Position Name Telephone
Appalachian Trail District Chairman Hunter McCormick Email
Appalachian Trail Senior District Executive Ruthann Eagen (413) 594-9196 x7032 Email