Appalachian Trail District Pinewood Derby


Apr 10, 2021 10:00 am to 1:00 pm



Specifics May Vary
n/a, MA 00000


There will be a few ways you can watch...
1. The main cameras will live stream via Youtube. You can watch on this link:
2. There will be additional live streaming via FB Live.
Feel free to share the Youtube and FB links with family and friends so they can watch.
As a reminder, race times are scheduled as follows:
Race Times:

10:00 Lion Dens 11:00 Wolf Dens 12:00 Bear Dens

10:30 Tiger Dens 11:30 Cool Car Awards 12:30 Webelos Dens

Thank you for your participation! Get ready to RAAACCCEEE!!!! EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


This year's PWD may look different than we are used to - but that doesn't mean it can't be fun!!



  • $5.00 per car
  • $6.00 optional "Derby Swag Bag - see downloadable entry form below


Race Times:

  • 10:00 am Lion Dens
  • 10:30 am Tiger Dens
  • 11:00 am Wolf Dens
  • 11:30 am Cool Car Awards
  • 12:00 pm Bear Dens
  • 12:30 pm Webelos Dens


Get in the spirit at home:


  • 8.5” x 11” paper only

  • No photos – drawings only

  • Send with your car and entry form to weigh-ins


  • Includes everything you will need to have fun at home on Race Day (Crafts, Pit Pass, puzzle booklet, make your own edible race car ingredients, and more!!)

  • MUST be pre-ordered – email no later Friday, March 26 with Scout’s Name/Pack # to let us know how many bags you want.

  • Send $6.00 per bag with your entry form. (Make checks payable to PACK 8)

  • Will be picked up by your Pack Rep at Weigh-ins (April 6 or 7)


  • Include your email on the entry form so we can send you links and info for how to watch LIVE at home!


All Appalachian Trail District Pinewood Derby entries MUST:

1. Register online (as a Pack) by April 1

2. Complete the Virtual AT District PWD Entry Form and Pre-Race Waiver (download below)


In preparation for the designated drop-off date and location, be sure to give your Pack representative:

  • Your PWD race car (be sure to note which end is the rear of the car if it is not obvious)
  • Your completed District Entry form & signed Pre-Race Waiver (2nd page of attachment)
  • Your 'self-portrait' (optional)
  • Payment for any Derby SWAG bags ordered (optional) Be sure to order NO LATER THAN 3/26


* Please be sure to read the attached WMC Pinewood Derby Rules, including the Virtual Addendum.

* At drop-off, your car will be inspected and weighed. Be sure to let your Pack Rep know whether or not they have permission to make adjustments at that time if necessary.

How it Works

  • Each car will race three (3) times. The lowest cumulative time will be the winner. The top three winners will be recognized in each division level, held by the event organizers, and delivered to the Virtual Council Pinewood Derby team to race virtually on May 1. There is a separate $5 registration fee for that race, if you qualify. 
  • The Cool Car competition is for Cubs of any level. Four Cub Scouts from a pack are allowed. The pack can choose their participants in any manner they choose. A CUB SCOUT CANNOT ENTER BOTH THE RACE AND THE COOL CAR DIVISION – IT MUST BE ONE OR THE OTHER. Awards will also be given in the Cool Car division.
  • Each Pack can send up to 19 Scouts. 3 each in the Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos racers divisions and 4 in the Cool Car division.
  • For 2021 only, if a unit could not hold a Pack Pinewood Derby prior to the District race, all of their Scouts may enter a car to run in the District race. Times will be used to determine their both their Pack's overall results and District results for their top three cars in each rank. Unit leaders may enter and pay for all their Pack's cars on one registration or have individuals register and pay themselves.

File Name Description
AT PWD Info and Entry Form Download
Council Pinewood Derby Rules Updated 03/08/2021 -2020 cars permitted in 2021 -Virtual District Races Addendum added -Modified to indicate Race Day rules may need to be modified for a virtual event due to the participants not being present. Download