WHOA Metalworking

While most of the WHOA programs are truly outdoor programs, our two metalworking activities offer something different to do while at the Heights.


Meet our blacksmith Manager!


This unique program is housed in a small portion of the large barn that used to be a part of Horace A. Moses' farm at Woronoco Heights. A major expansion of this facility is planned in the very near future so even more people can participate each day. At this very popular event, you will get a chance to try your hand at heating metal and bending it into various shapes. This one comes with a built in souvenir.


This program introduces you to the basics of welding, including the safety measures that must be taken when practicing this skill. While working with actual welding tools is reserved for older participants, younger folks will get a chance to learn the principles involved in welding using a safe method of fusing pieces of plastic.