WHOA Earthwork Programs

As part of the WHOA program, we are partnering with Earthwork Programs to bring you some great programs. When you arrive at WHOA, check the schedule to see exactly when each of these programs will be offered.

Visit the Earthwork Programs website for more details about what they have to offer.

The Art of Making Fire

Can you really make a fire by rubbing sticks together? Yes! There are more than 30 ways!! Come experience this lost art that we are preserving and sharing with the future generations. Rekindle this connection to our past and see for yourself why this is essential to witness and give it a try yourself or help your son or daughter.

The Art of Fox Walking and Owl Vision

Move like the silent fox that lives all around us,and is rarely seen. Become the owl and expand your awareness. Warning: This may give you a whole new perspective on life and increase your awareness of wildlife 90% or more. Seeing through the eyes of the animals will get you ready for a paradigm shift.

Native Crafts and Skills working with Fibers

Plants provide fibrous material to weave useful tools, such as rope, nets, bags & clothing. Learn this revered art and reconnect with the earth and walk away with your own hand crafted gift, families encouraged with children.

The New Bird Watching and Storytelling

We all learn through stories and immersion of our senses. There is an exciting journey that we can experience on an ongoing basis that teaches us how to have a relationship with the Earth. Learn the 5 voices of the birds and the concentric rings of nature and the routines of invisibility. Learn to see through the eyes of an ancient native scout.