WHOA Challenges

These programs will give you an opportunity to stretch yourself! From our bouldering and climbing walls to the disc golf course and the tomahawk range, there will be plenty of challenges!

Bouldering Wall

This program is open to partipants of any age and serves as a nice warm up for any climbing activities. With the help of a spotter, you make your way across the wall, including the enclosed chimney area. It may look easy but may take more work than you expect.

Climbing Wall

This structure rises 68' into the air to the very top of the tower and presents many challenges as you scale the various sides. With bump outs, chimneys and flat sides, there are many different routes that you can take to the top. One side is designed for rappeling which is a very different skill than climbing. This is designed for participants ages 10 and up.

Disc Golf

You've spent time tossing discs around with your friends in an open field but have you tried to put your disc into a basket as it travels through the woods? That's the challenge of this particular activity. Nine "holes" await for you to see how good you are with that disc.

Escape Room

Can you and your friends locate all the clues in the room to solve the puzzle and escape the room? Here's your chance to find out. We now have two levels of escape rooms for you to try. Is this your first time? Then try the novice room. If you done this before, then try the experienced room.

Gem Mining

Want to have some fun looking for gems and other items? We have just the program for you! Using our sluice (a water powered box), sift through sand to find gems and other hidden items.


It's time to go fly a kite! You will be able to build your own kite and then see how high you can get it to go on our wide-open parade field.

Obstacle Course

This course is designed for youth ages 5 - 10 and will test them with a number of physical challenges. Can you make it through?

Spar Pole

You may have seen tree workers climbing up trees where all the branches have been removed or power line workers scaling power poles. Looks easy, doesn't it? Well, our spar pole will give you a chance to try your hand at making it to the top. It may not be as easy as it looks! This program is for participants ages 14 and up.


Sounds easy enough, right? You just need to throw the tomahawk at the target and get it to stick. Well, come on by our brand new tomahawk range and give it a try. You many find that you will need some practice to make this work! This program is for participants age 11 and up.