Using Social Media to Grow Scouting

Is Your Unit Active on Social Media?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok can all be important tools to help grow Scouting if used correctly. Content should be public facing, and show the adventures of Scouting in action packed photos or video. 

Social Media Best Practices:

Check out the Social Media Playbook. There you will find tips and tricks on how to make the most of your social media presence.

Social Media Advertisements:

Boosting or sponsoring content is a low cost method of showcasing Scouting to our communities. These social media advertisement campaigns can be scheduled to run for a set amount of time and targeted to hit the audience you choose. Have a recruitment event coming up? How about a fundraiser? Boosting content on Social media can be a helpful way to promote these efforts. Campaigns on Facebook / Instagram start at $5 and will reach across the audience and geographical area you select.

In order to benefit from social media marketing, you must have a public facing account (A public page not a private group) A best practice is to start a public page for your unit showcasing the major program highlights. Use this public page less for announcements and more for sharing the Scouting adventures with the friends and family of those in your unit. The private groups are great for sharing the announcements, larger photo collections, and unit related discussions. 

Ad Templates:

Use our templates to easily create your own recruitment campaigns.

Click an image to access the template