Fall 2016 Popcorn Sale

Council and District Leadership

Western Massachusetts Council   Council Popcorn Kernel
Jessica Jubinville
Council Popcorn Staff Advisors
David Kruse
413-594-9196 x7002

Hunter J McCormick
Appalachian Trail District District Popcorn Kernel
District Executive
Ruthan Eagan
413-594-9196 x7032
General Knox District District Popcorn Kernel

District Executive
Alicia Garcia
413-594-9196 x7031
Metacomet District District Popcorn Kernel
Lynne Godbout
District Executive
Lesley Birk
413-594-9196 x7014


Key Sale Dates

Friday, August 12                Unit Show n' Deliver Orders due online
Saturday, August 27            Show n' Deliver Distribution @ Sulco Warehouse, Springfield
Friday, October 28               Show n' Deliver Returns and Payments Due to Council Service Center
Friday, October 28               Take Order Orders due online
Friday, November 18            Take Order Distribution @ Crane & Co Warehouse, Pittsfield
Saturday, November 19         Take Order Distribution @ Sulco Warehouse, Springfield
Friday, December 2               Final Popcorn Payment due to Council Service Center
Friday, December 2               Unit Prize Orders due online (prizes will not be approved until final payment is made to the Council)

Commission Structure

The 2016 Commission structure for units is the same as it has been the past few years.

30% - Base Commission for all units
+2% - Attendance at Popcorn Training
+2% - Online, On Time Ordering and Payment
+2% - Increase per youth sales over 2015 by 25%, based on registered membership at October 31
+1% - Increase total registered youth over Oct 31, 2015 with at least half of new youth selling
37% - Total Available Commission 

Pecatonica River Website

 Click here to sign up for the sale, place a popcorn order, and order prizes for your unit.

Popcorn Sale Resources

2016 Popcorn Leader Guide
2016 Popcorn Order Form
2016 Popcorn Orientation Presentation
2016 Unit Popcorn Kickoff Template
2016 Unit Participation Form
2016 Board/Corporate Order Form
2016 Show n' Deliver Consignment Form
2016 Show n' Deliver Product Return Form
2016 Scout Boss Unit Navigation
Unit Program and Budget Planning Tool
Certificate of Appreciation
Super Seller Certificate
2016 Prize Flyer - Front
2016 Prize Flyer - Back