Cub Scouts

In Cub Scouting you'll have lots of fun, adventure, and activities with your den and pack. But there's more to it than that. Being a Cub Scout means you are a member of a worldwide youth movement that stands for certain values and beliefs. Cub Scouting is more than something to do. It's all about the boy you are and the person you will become.

What Is Cub Scouting?
What do Cub Scouts do? How old are they? What awards can they earn? Look here for quick answers.

Are you a new Cub Scout Parent or Den Leader?
Boy Scouts of America has prepared some special information for you. Check out:
"I am a new Cub Scout Parent" or "I volunteered to be a new Cub Scout den leader"

Cub Scout Values
As a Cub Scout, you do your best and you help others. You learn the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. You also learn what they mean.

Scouting for All Ages
By joining the Cub Scouts, you'll take your first step on the Scouting trail. Many people stay in Scouting, one way or another, for many years. Some stay for a lifetime.

Benefits of Cub Scouting
Cub Scouting is fun with a purpose. Cub Scouting helps nurture courage and kindness and allows boys to play, to laugh, to develop their imaginations, and to express their feelings. We want boys to become useful and stable individuals who are aware of their own potential. 

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