2015-2016 Weekend Camping Rates

Download the 2015-2016 Registration Packet Here

New WMC Camp Wood Policy

Our new WMC Camp Wood Policy is now in effect.  Following the recommendation of the US Forest Service, National Parks and state parks guidelines, the WMC is adopting a "Don't Move Firewood" policy. Please click here for the complete policy. 

Chesterfield Scout Reservation

Craft Lodge Sleeps 12 WS-E $90 $40
Ecology Lodge Sleeps 12 WS-E $90 $40
Magee Lodge Sleeps 24 WS-E $135 $60
Warren Chase Sleeps 25 (2) WS-E-R $150 $60
3-Shelter Cluster Sleeps 14 L $30 $30
4-Shelter Cluster Sleeps 20   $40 $40
Vollert Lodge     $75  
Cooks     $90/weekend  
First Aid     $90/weekend  
Mossey     $75/weekend  
Directors     $75/weekend  
Dining Hall     $150  
Tenting   L $ 2 per person $25

H.A.Moses Scout Reservation

Aquatics (co-ed) Sleeps 30 (2) WS-E-L $175 $75
Hillside (co-ed) Sleeps 12 WS-E $90 $40
Quimby Sleeps 14 WS-E $95 $40
Guyton (co-ed) Sleeps 24 WS-E $135 $60
Cabin 1 (co-ed for 4) Sleeps 24 WS-E $135 $60
Cabin 2 (co-ed for 4) Sleeps 24 WS-E $135 $60
T Lodge (co-ed) Sleeps 24 E-R-H-S-GS $300 $150
Nikomis 3-Shelter Sleeps 12+   $30 $30
ABC 3- Shelter Sleeps 30 L $50 $50
Nunes     $100  
Dining Hall     $150  
Pavilion     $25  
Outside Group General Use     $75  
Tenting   L $ 2 per person $25

(1) Amenities: WS=Wood Stove E=Electricity R=Refrigerator H=Heated S=Showers GS=Gas Cooking Stove L=Lake View

(2) Cost: Non-Scouting Group Rates are 2X the published Scouting unit rates.

(3) Usage Deposit: For non-Western Massachusetts Council units and others if applicable.  This is used toward damages to facilities if needed, and is refundable or transferable if no damage occurs. However, you must check-in & check-out with Ranger or his designee to ensure proper responsibility.

Special Notices

THE FIRST LEADER OF THE GROUP TO ARRIVE AT CAMP MUST bring the Approved Camping Permit, and register/sign in with the Ranger or his designee before entering any building or area to be used. Units that are tenting will be assigned a site by the Ranger. Likewise, sign out with the Ranger. We will be pleased to refund your Usage Deposit if there is no damage, and if your facility or site is left in a clean & orderly manner.

Two-deep adult volunteer leadership at a minimum must be present in camp at all times.

Approval of a request for a building does NOT authorize use of the waterfront or lake, other than for fishing from shore away from summer camp waterfronts. State fishing rules should be obeyed. The Ranger must approve walking on lake ice in the winter.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE RESERVATION. Tell your parents. Illicit drugs, fireworks, etc. are not permitted.

The speed limit at the camps is 15 MPH. Be careful & watch out for campers.

Trail bikes, snowmobiles, and ATV's may be used ONLY when they are a part of WMC-conducted programs. Please DO NOT bring personal bikes, snowmobiles or ATVs to the Reservation.  Only council-owned vehicles may be used.

PLEASE leave the camp in better condition than you found it. Remember "Leave No Trace" and bring your garbage back home with you.

Please note that chainsaws are prohibited in scout camp. This is a national BSA safety regulation..