2017 District Committee


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John Benjamin* - District Commissioner
Mary Benjamin* - At-Large
Steve Berian* - At-Large                                                                                                             
Christopher Dowd* - Chairman, Boy Scout Activities
Phil Dugan* - At-Large
Mike Giovaninni* - At-Large                                                                                                       
James Goldrup* - Marketing and Communication
Rose Hajec-Gebo* - At-Large
Cheryl Izyk* - At-Large
Carole Keenan* - District Vice Chairman, Program
Jesse Kellner* - Order of the Arrow Representative                                        
Vicki Kornacki* - District Chairman                                                                                          
Pamella Kosnicki*
- Advancement and Recognition
Sherry Kreps* - Fund Development
Fran Lamountain* - At-Large
Mary Lavallee* - Activities and Civic Service                                                                              
Robert Lusty* - Training, Chair                                                                                                     
Ellie Matrow*
- At-Large
Mark Miles* - Activities and Civic Service, Chair
Sabely Mutigwe* - Fund Development
Pete Nadeau* - At-Large
Donna Perkins* - Advancement and Recognition, Chair
Robert Perkins* - Advancement and Recognition
Kathy Ronaldson* - Activities and Civic Service
Jon Rymasz* - At-Large
Stephen Scannell* - At-Large
Fritz Schmidt* - At-Large
Cara Schneider - At-Large
Daniel Shea* - At-Large
Matthew Tassinari* - Marketing and Communication
Melanie Trexler* - Activities and Civic Service

* is a registered voting Member-at-Large of the District