2017 General Knox District Pinewood Derby and Cub Carnival


 Saturday, April 8th


 Moose Family Center
 244 Fuller Rd
 Chicopee, MA


$5.00 per child or racer. (Qualified Pinewood Derby Racers can enjoy the carnival at no extra cost.)
Pre-race registration required.


Registration deadline March 31st, NO EXCEPTIONS MADE.  See invitation for Rank check-in times.
Paper form below or use Tentaroo (General Knox Pinewood Derby)


Melanie Trexler - malanka@msn.com 413-219-2126 or
Carole Keenan - carole@ktiaog.com

Please print/email/share this flyer.

Pinewood Derby / Carnival Registration and Details / Race Times by Rank

Pinewood Derby Rules

Register Online - http://westernmass.tentaroo.com (General Knox Pinewood Derby)