Upcycling Program

The Western Massachusetts Council is proud to announce a project that will help protect the planet as well as create funding to help send our Scouts to summer camp.  We have partnered with Causes International, a company that specializes in upcycling used electronics. 

"Upcycling" is giving electronic devices a second life rather than sending them to landfills.  There are many environmental benefits to this process.  Plus, this is a free and safe way to dispose of your electronics!  There is usually a charge to recycling these electronics and to destroy hard drives.

The steps are simple.  Bring in qualifying electronics to the Westfield or Pittsfield Scout Service Center, we mail them to Causes International, the items get upcycled, and Causes International send a check to our council.

Funding from this project will go into the council's campership fund, which will help Scouts get to camp this summer.  In 2012, requests for special assistance from Scouts in western Massachusetts went up by 58%.  We're expecting requests to increase again this year, so this is a great way to help fund those requests.

See the informational flyers here:

Upcycling Flyer and more information


Please help spread the word!