Klondike Derby

 This will be a traditional Klondike Derby and will include the principal scouting skills. If you have a favorite activity you have seen or participated in let us know, and even better volunteer to be a mayor at that activity.

Date: Saturday February 4, Check In 8:30 AM; Events Start: 9:00 AM
Location: Sanderson Academy, Route 112 Ashfield (just south of junction with 116)
Fee: $8 per person
Registration: To provide necessary information for planning pre-registration is expected. Use the Pre-registration form below:

Event registration begins Saturday at 8 a.m.
The Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader check-in.  Please bring your Troop and Patrol Roster (in the SPL Guide), and final payments.
Parking: Unloading and day parking will be at the Academy; overnight parking will be at the Ashfield DPW about a 1/4 mile south of the school.
Camping: Troops are encouraged to camp Saturday night. There will be camping space in designated areas at the DPW. Each troop is responsible for its own camping equipment. Bring extra potable water.
Patrols: Each patrol will have a minimum of 5 scouts and maximum of 8 scouts. All members must be properly clothed, for cold and stormy weather. Each team must submit a roster of each patrol at check-in
Equipment: Each patrol must have a sled and the equipment as specified in the SPL Manual
Adult Participation: Troop Leaders and other adults should volunteer to serve as mayors and other staff. Adults should not accompany the patrols. Coaching by the adult leaders could lead to disqualification of the Patrol for that event.
Questions: For questions or to volunteer for staff contact:
Doug Cranson 413 628 4408
Bob Cherdack robertcherd@gmail.com
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