Become a Camp Card Vendor Partner

What is a Camp Card?

Summer camp is where is all comes together. Scouts get the chance to apply the skills they have learned, learn new skills, practice leadership and teamwork, and just have a blast! The experience is like no other.

To help Scouts earn their own way to camp, the Western Massachusetts Council has organized the Camp Card fundraiser. The Camp Card, sold for $5/card, has a combination of one-time use discounts and multi-use discounts that can be redeemed at local businesses throughout the year.   We are looking for great local offers to add to our card so that we can make it as easy as possible for our Scouts to sell more cards and get to camp!

So what does it cost to participate as a Vendor Partner?  There is no up-front cost to participate.  The only "costs" associated would be in the discount you offer.

Here are some resources for you:

Camp Card Letter

Camp Card Vendor Partner Benefits

Multi-Use Vendor Agreement (contact Bob D'Avignon for the single-use form. These are very limited.)

Questions? Contact Bob D'Avignon at 413-594-9196 ext.7034 or at Bob.D'